Patria present at the Future Indirect Fires 2024 Conference

The Future Indirect Fires conference will enable requirements setters, capability developers, and practitioners to exchange ideas and concepts with those in industry that are ready to deliver the next generation of capability.

At the conference Patria’s Director of Weapon Systems Lauri Pauniaho gave a great presentation on the topic Patria NEMO Turreted 120mm Mortar System: Lethality and Survivability through Fire on the Move and Excellent Crew Protection. 

The presentation dived deep into NEMO's lethality components, explaining further how features such as fire-on-the-move and rapid response time make NEMO a true game-changer on the battlefield. In addition, Pauniaho also covered concerns such as crew fatigue and the need for constant movement, and how NEMO successfully responds to these issues.