Patria present at the Berlin Security Conference

The Berlin Security Conference is one of the largest European security and defence policy events. In addition to over 130 distinguished speakers including political, military, business and civil society leaders the conference draws an ever larger number of members of national parliaments and the European Parliament, as well representatives of the European institutions and NATO.

Patria attends Berlin Security Conference on 29-30 November, 2023. On the first day of the event Patria Executive Vice President, Global Division, Jukka Holkeri will participate in a panel discussion with the topic: “EU, NATO and Trans-Atlantic Defence Procurement” (Panel Session A). 

In the conference exhibition area Patria showcases its Protected mobility and defence systems offering. Special focus is given to Patria 6x6 that was selected as the vehicle platform for multinational CAVS (Common Armoured Vehicle System) programme in 2019.