Patria Strategic Defence Partnership Concept

The Finnish Defence Forces and Finnish companies have networked and established collaboration under normal conditions, preparing them for collaboration in emergency conditions. The Ministry of Defence expresses its vision of industrial collaboration at Defence and security industrial strategy.

The Defence Forces and industry must commit to shared long-term planning in order to improve industrial capacities. Instead of concentrating on production figures, they must strive for competence-based industrial expertise.”

Patria as well as Millog are since many years strategic partners to the Finnish Defense Forces (FDF). These both companies co-operate very closely with the Finnish Defense Forces in variety of tasks, including for example lifecycle support services of defence material and development of the Finnish Defense Forces crises and war readiness. More information on these strategic partnerships can be found below.

Based on these experiences, Patria have derived the Patria Strategic Partnership Concept – a concept proven to enable a trusted and close co-operation between industry and defense in peace, crisis and ultimately also in war time. 


Patria Strategic Defence Partnership Concept

  • Long-term relation between the parties  
  • Industry network creation in homeland
  • Dedication to develop maintenance
  • A dedicated company (partner) acting neutrally in a market regard with solid committed owners
  • Agreement on basic commercial terms for the co-operation prior to entry
  • Clear customer-supplier interface and accountability
  • Shared objectives and targets with customer for the co-operation
  • Joint planning, steering and follow-up, state inspection rights and transparency of operations

The ultimate goal with strategic partnership is to ensure an operational readiness in homeland in all situations.

The Patria Strategic Defence Partnership Concept is proven to deliver

  • A robust co-operation between a partner company and a state authority  
  • Supply of industry best practice and know-how without compromising with existing security demands, defense regulations, war time assignments, personnel requirements etc   
  • Enhanced availability and increased meeting of existing readiness demands - At a lower comparative cost than if carried out by the defense itself 
  • Higher predictability and better forecasting  
  • Improved defense planning and budgeting 

Once entered, a strategic partnership based on Patria’s Strategic Partnership Concept is easily adjustable to changing needs of the defence forces in question (time, targets, priorities, budget restraints etc.) - without formal renegotiation of the partnership itself and to predicted cost, time and effect. 

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