ARIS-E is a remote operable ESM/ELINT system used for intercepting, recognising, geolocating and tracking radar emitters. The system produces a situational picture of the targets within the operating area. The Operator can also conduct a more detailed analysis of the received radar signals.

ARIS-E complements the ELINT offering with automatic functionality and tactical situational awareness, leveraging the existing Patria ARIS framework.

The main task of the ARIS-E is to create a situational picture (independently or aided by the Operator) based on active identified and unidentified emitters within the operating area. Information is then further transmitted to the Operators and/or other connected C2 systems. ARIS-E contains flexible solutions for system integration.

ARIS-E contains all required functionality from interception of radar signals to the visualisation of the situational picture. Special emphasis hase been given for providing (4D) situational awareness in the modern electromagnetic battlefield for the operator. ARIS-E displays not just location information of emitters, but also the time dimension is intuitively visualised. 


Key features:

  • Interception, DF and identification of signals
  • Geolocation and tracking of emitters
  • EOB service
  • Versatile recording options
  • Real-time ELINT tools
  • External interfaces

ARIS and ARIS-E together deliver comprehensive tools for strategic and tactical ELINT/ESM for various needs. All the functionalities of ARIS and ARIS-E can be accessed and operated either locally at a sensor station or remotely from an operating center.



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