The Patria NEMO mortar system takes mortar mobility, firepower and protection to the next level both on land and at sea – it’s also accurate on the move.

Although mortars are effective weapons for indirect fire, they are vulnerable on the modern battlefield. Survivability is key – and this calls for both optimal firepower and protection. Patria’s answer to these  challenges is the Patria NEMO, a turreted 120 mm mortar system. This state-ofthe-art solution takes mortar mobility, protection and firepower to the next level. Patria NEMO Land is a mortar system designed to be integrated onto various platforms. The light and compact turret can be installed on a light, tracked chassis or wheeled armoured vehicles in the 6x6 and 8x8 class.

Patria Nemo firing

Armour protects the crew from ballistic, and air-tight turret against NBC threats. The level of protection is tailored according to the customer’s requirements.
Patria NEMO Navy is a mortar system designed for naval use. It can be integrated into high-speed patrol boats and coastal vessels, for instance. It features the same advanced weapon system as Patria NEMO Land – but the turret materials have been chosen with an eye on demanding marine conditions, such as salt water resistance.

Mobile fire requires top expertise

A key strength of the Patria NEMO on land and sea is that it can also be fired accurately and fast on the move. No other manufacturer’s weapon systems can boast a similar feature. Fire-on-the-move capabilities significantly speed up fire mission preparation, weapon alignment and opening fire. A vehicle in constant motion also makes the Patria NEMO a difficult target for the enemy.


 Mobile fire requires the turret to have an effective stabilization system that can compensate the platform movements on the terrain. Accurate fire also requires an advanced ballistic calculation system to determine continually changing fire values. NEMO’s ballistic calculator and the turret control system are based on Patria’s state-of-the-art in-house software expertise. Thanks to this, Patria NEMO can be flexibly integrated into a variety of battlefield management systems (BMS) and fire control systems. 
Patria NEMO’s state-of-the-art weapon technology is built on the company’s 80 years-plus experience of 120 mm mortar systems.

Outstanding firepower and range

The Patria NEMO’s barrel is about one meter longer than traditional mortar barrels. This results in higher muzzle velocities and a 1-2 km longer range compared to similar weapon systems. It can also fire Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) missions. Using MRSI, a maximum of six shells can be launched on different trajectories so that they all hit the target at almost the same time. In addition to indirect fire, the NEMO also has direct-fire capability with the aid of its own cameras and laser range finder. This feature can be employed in close-range fire support and urban warfare, for instance.

Firepower, mobility and platform protection

All of these characteristics combined provide the Patria NEMO with a key edge in battlefield survivability. The relative lightness of the weapon system ensures platform mobility. Safe transport of ammunition in the NEMO ammunition storage enhances crew protection.
Rapid opening of fire protects both the crew and supported troops. Constant movement while firing reduces the impact of counterfire. In addition, all protection capabilities of the platform can be fully harnessed (armour, NBC, stealth and mine protection).
Furthermore, NEMO is hard to detect: it features weapon cooling for low thermal silhouette and has a low turret for small visible silhouette.