One of Patria’s key competencies is its long experience and in-depth understanding of the special needs of security-critical organisations. Four Patria employees explain how this is taken into account in Patria’s customer-centric operation, products and services.

State-of-the-art products based on long-term R&D

Patria’s product range includes state-of-the-art surveillance, intelligence and command systems that can be used to form a real-time situational picture both on the modern battlefield and for maintaining defence capabilities.

Hannu Tanhuamäki, who is in charge of Patria’s C5ISTAR product and service line, says that Patria has a long history of developing both RF (Radio Frequency) based and underwater surveillance and intelligence systems.
“Our expertise is based on long-term cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces. For example, Patria ARIS product family offers powerful digital intelligence tools for capturing, recording and analysing radar signals in real time.”
Patria is also known for its SONAC systems, which are used in underwater surveillance, anti-submarine warfare and mine sweeping.

Patria CRAWLR is cyber intelligence software that collects targeted and accurate information from sources such as websites, social media and dark web pages.
“There’s growing demand for Patria’s competitive and cost-effective solutions, as in a modern operating environment, it is essential for intelligence and surveillance systems to maintain a competitive level of performance.”

Patria NEMO mortar system takes mobility, protection and firepower to the next level

“On the modern battlefield, weapon systems are required to have higher performance and must be fully integrable into combat systems,” says Lauri Pauniaho, Director, Weapon Systems at Patria.
Patria's response to this challenge is the Patria NEMO mortar system, which takes mobility, protection and firepower to the next level both on land and at sea.
“Thanks to continuous product development, the vehicle-mounted mortar launcher can also be accurately fired on the move. No competitors can boast a similar feature.” 

Managing packages that meet customer needs is one of Patria’s undeniable strengths

Patria NEMO is a turreted 120 mm mortar system. In order to fire on the move, the turret must have an effective stabilisation system. Accurate fire also requires an advanced ballistic calculation system to determine continually changing fire values.
“We’ve developed a functional package around an excellent weapon. In addition to Patria’s own technology, it includes sub-packages from other suppliers. Managing packages that meet customer needs is one of Patria’s undeniable strengths.”

Patria’s operating model is based on local partnerships

“In order for Patria to establish itself in new markets, it’s vital to acquire partners and build up local networks. This operating model is also being employed in Slovakia,” says Annamaija Mäki-Ventelä, Project Director at Patria.
Patria has signed an agreement with the Slovak Defence Forces for 76 Patria AMV XP 8x8 armoured combat vehicles. Local partners will supply parts of the package, such as weapon system, communication and information system and training simulator systems. 
“We’re working with our local partners to create a long-term solution that will provide Slovakia with security of supply, jobs and training opportunities. We listen to our customers and take the specific needs of each country into account.”

The lifecycle services that will accompany our vehicle deliveries will provide employment in Slovakia for several decades.
“Our collaboration is long-term, and looks far beyond the delivery project itself.” Going forward, local partners can offer their products and services to a broader customer base as part of Patria’s global supply chain.

We listen to our customers and take the specific needs of each country into account

Customers appreciate lengthy experience in fighter engine maintenance

Patria Belgium Engine Center (PBEC) has been responsible for the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of F100 engines of F-16 and F-15 fighters for a long time. PBEC’s CEO, Menelaos Sidiropoulos, says that one of Patria’s great strengths is its thorough knowledge of the engines being serviced.

“We’ve been servicing fighter engines for four decades. And before that we manufactured them. Our customers are used to relying on our profound expertise.”
Sidiropoulos notes that, in addition to maintenance, Patria is also able to provide engineering expertise relating to aircraft engines.
“Sometimes, a particular component may not necessarily need to be replaced. Instead, the existing component can be repaired in a manner that has been approved by the manufacturer.”

The benefits of Patria’s flexible operating model are currently being highlighted, as prices have risen considerably and there are availability issues with spare parts and components.
“Some components are now 30–40 per cent more expensive. However, aircraft must be operated and serviced as planned. We’re able to offer reliable and cost-effective solutions that our competitors cannot.”