Direct company membership in ASD will enable Patria to influence European development in a changed situation. Patria’s new strategy highlights group-level thinking and relations with the outside world.

Patria has joined the international AeroSpace and Defence Association of Europe (ASD) as a direct company member, alongside 17 other major European companies. Chief Business Development Officer Pasi Niinikoski thinks that Patria has now taken its rightful place amongst its own.

“We are now actively and seriously involved in European development: voicing our opinion and creating new openings with regards to EU, Commission and defence projects and regulation.”

Europe is changing. Niinikoski says that too much attention has been paid to the European Defence Fund. He stresses that the previous European Commission created many new openings in defence. Alongside this development, companies are continuing to network and there are an increasing number of joint projects between individual states.

“There are things happening in both Europe and defence thinking that cannot be ignored. They must be taken into account in behaviour. This also applies to us in Finland.”

Patria has recently been working on a new strategy that leans heavily on internationalisation. Direct membership in ASD is one important step towards exerting influence in line with the strategy.

“Our new strategy highlights Group-level thinking and relations with the outside world. We all represent Patria when participating in, for example, ASD’s various working groups.”

Niinikoski reminds that joining ASD is not a standalone step for Patria, but rather an integral part of business development and safeguarding its interests.

Working groups and table seats available

ASD is the voice of Europe’s aviation, space, defence and security sectors. It represents more than 3,000 companies and actively supports competitive development on a global scale. Niinikoski admits that Patria does not have the resources to influence all of the association’s activities.

“We’re choosing the main topics that we wish to influence, and the working groups that we want to belong to. The defence sector is close to our heart, and maintenance and overhaul are our areas of expertise.”

In ASD, Patria will be working alongside industry giants such as Airbus. And with companies like Saab and Kongsberg involved, there is already a firm foundation for the Nordic defence sector. As members, defence sector operators are creating more opportunities to exert influence.

“We can make Patria, our products and our expertise known in large forums. Networking has opened up good channels for obtaining and sharing information that will support development in line with our strategy.”

Supporting Finnish companies

Patria has previously been involved in ASD’s activities through the Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries (AFDA). As the largest Finnish company in the sector, Patria has taken a step forward and will now enjoy a new vantage point and forum to exert influence. It will, however, remain in AFDA.

“We will continue our active involvement in AFDA, and support other Finnish companies.”

Niinikoski says that joining ASD as a direct member was a clear and straightforward process. The association’s Board of Directors welcomed Patria to the team, which will now lend international wings to the company’s expertise and recognition.

International business itself is already well underway at Patria, as the company operates not only in Finland but also in Sweden, Estonia and Belgium. Patria's local companies belong to the respective industry organisations in these countries, too. Exerting direct influence on European decision-making bodies is the next step for Patria’s international growth – and this is exactly what ASD will bring.