The construction of Patria Pilot Training’s new training center has progressed as planned. In March 2017 the topping out ceremony was held to celebrate the project.










Moving to Pirkkala has progressed efficiently. The decision of moving to Pirkkala was published in June 2016 and the topping out ceremony was held in March 2017 at the final phase of construction. At the ceremony on 8 March 2017 the operators of the training centre, Patria and Tredu were present with stakeholders from Finavia and the cities of Tampere and Pirkkala.

To its operators the new training center offers excellent operating conditions creating new growth potential for the supply of training opportunities. In January Patria Pilot Training moved its operations to Pirkkala to temporary facilities.

Later in 2017, operation will start in a new building in the same area. Patria will occupy approximately 40 % of the new training centre, while the rest of the space will accommodate the aircraft fitter training unit of the Patria.

The ceremony was hosted by Tredu's aviation mechanic student Mette Nenonen.

Pilot Training's Juhani Haapamäki emphasized the excellent operating conditions and new growth potential of the new training centerTampere Vocational College in its entirety