Patria provides aerospace and military customers with equipment availability and continuous performance development. We guarantee our customers operational reliability in all conditions. This is crystallised in our vision of being The #1 Partner for critical operations. In accordance with our strategy, we are expanding life cycle support services in various defence sectors, also in international markets. Another growth area is the systems and integration business and its internationalisation. Geographically, we focus on Northern Europe – and perhaps further afield in the case of helicopter maintenance services.

We are implementing our strategy one step at a time. There have already been a few successful new openings. An example of this is our recent news concerning Norway. Patria has signed a contract with the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation on the maintenance of Norway’s NH90 helicopters. This two-year contract covers the heavy maintenance and repair of the Norwegian Air Force’s NH90 helicopters. For more information on the maintenance work in Norway, turn to pages 14–19.

Another good example is Patria’s winning tender for the maintenance of the Norwegian Armed Forces’ Bell 412 helicopters. The Bell 412 helicopters are based in Rygge and Bardufoss, Norway, and and the maintenance operations will take place Patria’s facility in Arlanda, Sweden. We are proud of these new contracts, which demonstrate our customers’ trust in us – when if is not an option.

In October, we acquired a 60% share of the Estonian company Milrem. We aim to invest actively in Milrem’s capability to respond to the future needs of the Estonian Defence Forces. This is part of our growth strategy for life cycle support services in Northern Europe.

Patria’s new Pilot Training Centre adjacent to Tampere-Pirkkala Airport was inaugurated this autumn. At the centre, both students and teachers have access to the latest technology and our brand new aircraft and simulators. Read more on pages 6–11.

We are also finalising our new operational model for the Group, especially the Aviation business unit, to better reflect our new strategy. Renewal and the ability to seize new opportunities are the keys to the execution of our strategy. That is something we will hold onto in the future. I hope you will enjoy reading this issue of Patria magazine!

Olli Isotalo
President and CEO