"Three clear focus areas stand out in the development of Patria’s operations; growth from international service business – without forgetting the development of other business, more open communication to stakeholders what the significance of our company is, and strengthening of a good corporate culture," says Patria's new President and CEO Esa Rautalinko.

The key words here are participation and engagement. I want Patria where employees can influence strategic objectives and, above all, influence how to achieve them in practical work. The company’s strategy and objectives should not be left at high-level talk, but must be able to be translated into team and personal goals. That way, each Patria employee has a crystal clear view of what we are striving for and how each of us can contribute to the achievement of these objectives in our daily work.

The best experts regarding duties are the people doing them. That is why it is essential that employees have control over the content of their work. Despite busy days, it is also important to think together about the future and how things can be done in a smarter way. It is the responsibility of management and supervisors to ensure that sufficient time is available for this.

A sense of community and working together increase job satisfaction. A good operating culture is also of great importance for the company’s´reputation as an attractive workplace. This will become even more important going forward as we compete with other companies for skilled

In my long career, I have seen that companies’ business challenges always relate to people management in one way or another. Good supervisors are enthusiastic and inspirational as their example and attitude will radiate throughout the team.

The key is to realise that the management serves the personnel, not the other way around. The most important task for a manager is to breathe life into the organisation and clear obstacles so that employees can shine and accomplish mutually agreed goals. Together we will succeed and be able to take pleasure in the successes!