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Patria-led eALLIANCE programme, partly funded by Business Finland, will amplify collaboration with the Finnish civilian and defence sector companies. The programme will kick off in early 2024. The aim is to develop disruptive digital capabilities for enhanced data sharing and prosessing as well as building a holistic metaverse.

“Driving Patria’s growth strategy will require significant investments in research and development, innovations as well as partnerships. As a leading technology company in its industry and an established defence solutions provider Patria has the means and resources to lead this ecosystem, a unique undertaking both in Finland and internationally," says Pekka Ruutu, Executive Vice President of Patria’s Portfolio unit that is responsible for Patria’s products and services and their development.

“The mission of eALLIANCE is to integrate disruptive digital solutions across civil, security and defence technologies for ensuring more secure societies. In addition, the aim of eALLIANCE is to improve the possibilities of Finnish companies to enter international defence markets and strengthen their opportunities for international export,” Ruutu continues.

Patria will build eALLIANCE with over 30 partner companies. The ecosystem will bring together large companies and SMEs in developing innovative digital solutions for defence and dual-use applications. Also the leading Finnish research organizations, universities and other industry collaboration organizations have a key role in the ecosystem.

eALLIANCE will enable nearly 200M€ increase in combined R&D expenditure for Patria and the ecosystem partners during the programme. Within the programme, Patria will significantly increase its R&D expenditure, growing with nearly 100M€.

Media enquiries and further information:

Sirje Ahvenlampi-Hyvönen, Vice President, Group Communications, Patria, tel. +358 50 557 3822, [email protected]  

Pekka Ruutu, Executive Vice President, Portfolio, tel. +358 50 540 5697, [email protected]   

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Business Finland's release on eALLIANCE on 16/02/2024

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