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Patria launched a new service concept Patria OPTIME at IDEX. The new concept combines robust engineering and maintenance expertise with data analysis in a unique way for the sustainment of various kinds of fleets. It ensures that customer fleets are always ready for operations – with optimal costs.

Patria OPTIME is a modular service model that is always tailored and scaled according to the needs of the customer – from a single fleet to broader combination of fleets in different operating environments on land, at sea and in the air.  Patria OPTIME covers a broad range of services and solutions impacting the fleet availability, such as fleet maintenance, upgrade and modification projects and needed integrations in the later stages of the lifecycle as well as supply chain management and training services. Patria OPTIME is not limited to specific assets made by certain original equipment manufacturers.

Patria OPTIME combines top-notch engineering expertise with efficient data utilization in a unique way for the sustainment of military equipment. It is a data-driven concept, which ensures the performance and cost-effective operation of the fleet. In the centre of the concept is data collection from the fleet usage and maintenance. This leads to analysing and combining the data to boost the efficiency of maintenance work, improve predictability and produce alternative scenarios for decision-making purposes.

One of the key benefits of Patria OPTIME is support for the security of supply. Even during a crisis, the customer can count on Patria’s support. 

Patria OPTIME also covers the management of fleet MRO supply chains, as required by the customer. Data analysis makes it possible to anticipate the future need for spare parts and to optimally plan the deliveries and storage of these parts.

Patria OPTIME is set up in phases together with the customer. The specification of the Patria OPTIME solution begins with an assessment of the current state of the customer’s operating environment, equipment and sustainment solution as well as the requirements set for them. 

Patria OPTIME ensures the performance of different kinds of fleets in all conditions over their entire lifecycle. 

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