Finland and Latvia together with Patria have signed a Frame Agreement for a production phase management of the joint 6x6 armoured vehicle system. Within this agreement the parties involved can exercise joint procurement management, achieving technical and economic benefits from the overall procurement scope of the programme. 

The agreement was signed by the Latvian Minister of Defence Artis Pabriks, the Finnish Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen, Patria's CEO Esa Rautalinko and the President of Patria Land Jussi Järvinen.

At the same time, Latvia and Patria signed a supply contract comprising over 200 pieces 6x6 armoured personnel carriers developed under the joint development programme, also including their support and training systems. The vehicle deliveries will take place between 2021 and 2029.

Finland and Patria in turn signed a Letter of Intent on the forthcoming serial order of Finland.

The joint programme is open to other countries with the mutual consent of the participating countries. In general, this common vehicle system will improve the mobility, cost-effectiveness, interoperability, and security of supply of armies in the participating countries.

“The serial production start of 6x6 vehicles is a significant milestone for us, and we at Patria are proud of providing our expertise in the joint programme, which offers a very cost-effective solution for the participating countries. We believe that this will certainly be of interest also to other countries which are keen on enhancing their army mobility”, states Esa Rautalinko, President and CEO of Patria.

“Patria 6x6 vehicle is our latest product combining excellent off-road mobility and ease of use. Long life cycle and efficient maintainability make it very cost-efficient to operate. It adapts to several mission needs and provides high versatility to match future needs. We think that Patria 6x6 is simply the best of the market for this purpose. We at Patria have potential for creating production and maintenance capacity building up the security of supply capability”, says Jussi Järvinen, President of Patria’s Land business unit.

The Patria 6x6 vehicle combines all the proven features of Patria XA and AMV vehicles. It is simplified, reliable and designed to meet the highest requirements of customers. Its capable off-road mobility is guaranteed by an efficient power unit and the independent suspension familiar from Patria AMV vehicle. Due to the spacious interior and well-defined functions, the vehicle is easy to operate and to train.

Further information:

Jussi Järvinen, President, Land business unit, Patria, tel. +358 40 869 6625, [email protected] 

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