Capability to fire-on-the-move in direct and indirect fire missions

Patria Nemo is a global market leader in modern mortar systems with its state-of-the-art properties. To date, Patria has finalized the qualification of the fire-on-the-move capability on land-based systems in both direct and indirect fire missions. This new outstanding feature allows troops to be in constant movement during the fire mission and therefore it does not form a clear target for the counter-battery fire. With the fire-on-the-move capability locating a target, aiming and opening the fire is remarkably faster and more efficient without stops in the fire mission. Patria Nemo is a real game changer on the battlefield.

As a turreted, light weight and remote-controlled 120 mm mortar system with a high level of mobility, protection and accuracy, Patria Nemo is capable of both direct and indirect fire. One of the features that makes Patria Nemo mortar system particularly advanced is its fire-on-the-move capability. “Patria has originally developed the fire-on-the-move capability for Patria Nemo Navy version several years ago, but due to tightened customer expectations and the prospects of the battlefield, the development was taken a step further”, explains Kari Reunamäki, Vice President of the weapon systems business line.

Patria Nemo mortar system, weighing 1,900 kg, has a full 360º traverse and weapon elevation from -3 up to 85 degrees. Depending on the platform, vehicle equipped with Patria Nemo can stow 50-60 rounds of 120 mm ammunition. Patria Nemo enables the full potential of modern mortar systems with its usability on land and at sea, operation on the move, and high level of protection and firepower.

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Kari Reunamäki, Vice President, Weapon Systems, Land Business Unit, Patria, tel. +358 40 869 2064, [email protected] 

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