Presentation video of the Sitra and HUS project “Measuring a child’s blood sugar”

HUS seeks ways to ease the treatment of children with diabetes as well as their families’ daily routine

Patria is participating in a joint project with Sitra and HUS Helsinki University Hospital, in which a method is being sought to transfer information between the patient and a professional, based on the patient's consent. The goal of the project is to facilitate the treatment of children suffering from diabetes and the everyday life of their families, as well as to develop the transfer of data-protected information based on patient-provided permission from the patient to the administering physician.

The weakness of the current system is that the information is not transferred to public health care operators. When the patient’s personal information is transferred, his or her permission is always required. - For this purpose, a process is being built where consent and authorisation co-exist. From the perspective of the patient’s care and follow-up, it is good if the information on the patient is obtained by the physician as quickly as possible. An open interface solution is being built in this project to support the everyday life of the patient. The most fundamental part of the project is the authorisation of the use of patient information and the secure transmission of such data. The data and information systems of public health services are an important part of the authorities’ safety- and security-critical operations. Patria’s role is to provide support in ensuring the cybersecurity of the project’s data and information systems.

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Additional information: Timo Hintikka, Vice President, C4ISTAR, Systems Business Unit, tel. +358 (0)40 8692605, [email protected]