Patria Land Services Oy (VAT code FI0986818-0) together with real estate company Hämeenlinnan Vanajanportti will merge on 31 of May 2019 with Patria Land Systems Oy (VAT code FI2357098-9).

At the same time the company name changes to Patria Land Oy. The current VAT code (FI2357098-9) remains unchanged.

Invoices until 31 May 2019

We kindly ask you to invoice costs and services with Land Services Oy’s invoicing address only until 31.5.2019.

Invoices to Patria Land Oy after 1 June 2019

Invoices dated 1 June 2019 or later should be addressed to Patria Land Oy. Please use VAT code FI2357098-9. Patria Land Services Oy VAT code is no longer valid as of 1 June 2019.

Invoicing addresses:

E-invoices: 00372357098999
E-mail invoices: [email protected]
Mail address:
Patria Land Oy
PL 849

Patria’s invoicing addresses can also be found from our website:

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