Patria attends Singapore Airshow, held on 11-16th February in Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore. The stand number is F92.

Patria exhibits Avionics MRO and Aircraft Avionics Engineering Services. Patria Avionics Engineering designs minor and major modifications for military and civil fixed and rotary wing aircraft partners to upgrade and enhance aircraft performance and to reach their targeted and estimated life cycle. Patria’s professionals provide customer’s aircraft fleet with first class mission readiness availability in every circumstance.

At Singapore Airshow Patria also exhibits CANDL, TADS and LVC training.

CANDL is a compact data link for air-to-air and air-to-ground applications requiring high reliability, low probability of detection and interception, dynamic networking with several members and long communication ranges. CANDL is perfect data link for example Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUMT) operations, Intra-Flight Data Links (IFDL) and Live Virtual Constructive training (LVC) systems.

TADS is a Tactical Debriefing System that provides instant debriefing of military missions and training exercises from single sortie to large joint forces campaigns involving all branches and LVC (live, virtual, constructive training) scenarios. TADS visualizes in details the order of battle, weapon and sensor usage as well as electronic warfare activities giving practical and precise feedback to improve the performance of your pilots and operators.

Patria is a forerunner in the military aviation training in the LVC environment.  Training in the LVC environment will bring significant cost savings and enable the implementation of more extensive and complex training operations. Three separate training elements are combined in the LVC i.e. the Live, Virtual & Constructive environment. Live means training done on the right aircraft. Virtual involves the integration of simulators with the same training environment. Constructive brings a third dimension to the training, when computers generate key actors in the scenario being rehearsed, which proactively adjust their behaviour in line with programmed models or artificial intelligence.

Welcome to meet Patria team in Singapore – stand F92.