Career coaching and job search

A new era of aviation is just beginning and new criteria in recruitment is taking over the industry.

We will help you with our professional expertise to guide and coach you to improve and boost your career possibilities in this competitive landscape. Ask more by filling out the form below!

Persons: 5-10 | Duration: 2-3 days | Location: Patria classroom + webinar-link |             Now only 250€ (standard price 350€)


DAY1: Open class or webinar

  • General overview regarding the current situation of graduating or graduated copilots with respect to aviation job market
  • Introducing correct ways to determine necessary abilities and qualifications in relation to available jobs at current (or future) market
  • Preparation, planning and technics to find a job and a relevant application process
  • Establishing a picture of appropriate job
  • In depth explanation of job hunting

DAY2: Master class

  • Breaking down the pre-interview tasks and To Do -list
  • Interview preparation
  • Personal and behavioral questions and personality test
  • Extensive walkthrough of interview process and steps

DAY3: Master class

  • Intensive explanations and corrective actions during an interview process
  • Tailor-made interview rehearsal and practice
  • Sim session for correct CRM situation
  • In person feedback and To-do list
  • Custom CV, Cover letter (optional)