Patria is operationally divided into business units: Aviation, Aerostructures, International Support Partnerships, Land, Systems, Millog and Nammo.

Aviation offers aircraft life cycle services and pilot training

Aviation business unit offers life cycle support services for aircraft and helicopters covering the airframe, engine and equipment repair, maintenance and modification for customers in defence forces, paramilitary, original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and civil authorities globally. Pilot training services include pilot training for military and civil aviation. Aviation is a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces.

International Support Partnerships offers international life cycle support services

​International Support Partnerships business unit is partnering with defence forces and government organisations for life cycle support. It offers customized to integrated sustainment services and solutions in all defence branches, and supports a wide range of aviation fleets as manufacturer-authorized service centers and branches. Services and solutions include maintenance, modifications, repairs, spare parts supply, technical support and sustainment solutions. Patria Latvia SIA, Defence Partnership Latvia SIA, Milworks OÜ and Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services AS are part of the International Support Partnerships business unit.

Systems is a supplier of critical applications and a systems integrator

Systems business unit has special expertise in intelligence, surveillance and command and control systems as well as their integration, software and life cycle support. It delivers comprehensive systems and equipment to defence forces and security authorities. Systems is a strategic partner of the Finnish Defence Forces.

Land offers leading expertise in armoured vehicles and indirect fire systems

Land business unit offers cutting-edge armoured wheeled vehicles, mortar systems and related life cycle support services. Patria AMV product family and Patria Nemo mortar system are the highest profile products in this range. Both AMV and Nemo are market leaders in their product segments.

Aerostructures masters composite aircraft structures

Aerostructures business unit designs and manufactures demanding composite structures and metallic structures for aircraft and spacecraft. The core competences are the design of composite structures and efficient manufacturing processes.

Mil­log provides strategic partnership

Millog Oy offers maintenance of Army and Navy material to its strategic partner, the Finnish Defence Forces. The company specialises in life cycle support services, which it produces close to the customer by participating in life cycle cost planning and the management of materiel and equipment. Millog is an expert in the special requirements of systems, from product information management to practical repair and maintenance. Patria owns 61.8% of Millog.

Nam­mo offers special expertise in ammunition and missile products

Nammo AS, jointly and equally owned by Patria and the State of Norway, provides ammunition products for hand weapons, medium- and large-calibre guns and tank artillery, including aircraft and naval platforms as well as missile engines and services for the demilitarisation of the products. Nammo has subsidiaries in Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.