Sometimes “company” does not mean a corporation.

Text: Kari Reunamäki Photo: Patria

Patria and Swedish company Hägglunds set up a joint venture in 1999 called Patria Hägglunds that aimed at the sale and marketing of the jointly developed AMOS mortar system.

On numerous sales trips, Patria Hägglunds was accompanied by marketing people from the owner companies spreading the news of the mortar systems forward.

In 2001, together with Hägglunds, we did a tour in the Far East where the first stop was in Malaysia. From the Kuala Lumpur airport, upon reaching the hotel yard, the taxi door was opened by a charming young maiden who asked, “Company, Sir?” To this, a dashing Swedish colleague jolted exhaustively: “Hägglunds Vehicle Ab!”. I was somewhat amused...