This is a good example of why, no matter how tough the competition is, you should always be a good sport. A while back, we took the new Patria 6x6 vehicle to a test and exhibition event that was also attended by two of our competitors. Without saying anything about how the tests went for either us or our competitors, here’s a brief account of an episode that occurred there.

Text and photo: Jari Lemmetyinen

Some of the tests included road and off-road tests in which the vehicles could be driven by representatives of various Finnish and foreign organisations.  The drivers’ skill levels varied quite a bit, and accidents could not always be avoided. One of our competitor’s vehicles broke down after the driver drove it into a tree stump, resulting in damage to both the brakes and transmission. Our competitors were convinced that this meant no more tests for them. We looked into it with them and surveyed the damage. Our competitors were still feeling rather down, but we encouraged them to continue. We also advised and assisted them in making some temporary repairs. While the repairs were underway, some members of our competitor’s management paid us a visit. So we fired up the generator and brewed some coffee. We offered their managers some “black pot coffee” in the field, and they were able to continue testing after the repairs had been made.

And our actions did not go unnoticed by our potential clients. This is an example of how you don’t always have to stab your competitors in the back. The best way to win is by providing a superior product!