Author: Maarit Koivisto-Valio, Executive Assistant, Patria

Maarit Koivisto-Valio
Maarit Koivisto-Valio
Tough Viking

Tough Viking is the largest obstacle race in the Nordic countries. The massive obstacles along a challenging 12 km-long track consist of things such as water, mud and barbed wire. In 2015, a Patria AMV was also used as an obstacle.

Three fantastic teams represented Patria at the race held in Töölö Bay, Helsinki on 5 September 2015. The sun was shining and the racers gave it their all. The support teams, on the other hand, had time to enjoy the race in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. 

One thing in particular about this race stuck in my mind – the team spirit shown by all of the team members. We – the supporters and support teams – did our best to relay this team spirit by providing snacks and cheering the racers on: Go-Patria-Go!

Patria’s support station provided bananas, smoothies and a whole load of encouragement for Patria’s tough teams; but if required, other teams could also stock up on energy or get a helping hand – or shove – over the AMV.

Patria teams also took part in the 2016 race.

At the end of the race – after giving it their all – the support team made their way to the terrace to review the day’s ordeal.