Patria's Successful Strategic Partnership with the Finnish Air Force

Strategic partnership between Patria and the Finnish Air Forces is part of securing operational readiness in Finland on a daily basis or in exceptional circumstances. Patria provides support services for defence material throughout material’s entire service life. This cooperation has enabled collecting deep expertise and know-how in Finland to ensure security of supply in homeland.

Patria's co-operation with the Finnish Air Force stems back to the 1920’s.

Co-operation with the Finnish Navy covering maintenance of vessels diesel engines and related systems started in 1960’s.
In mid-1990’s after decades of close co-operation, Patria was assigned as a strategic partner for the Finnish Air Force and Finnish Navy. This strategic partnership was renewed in 2015 between Patria and the Finnish Defence Forces, refining procedures and conditions developed during of decades of cooperation, clarifying the roles of both parties and giving further robustness to the cooperation under all readiness levels.

Today strategic partnership agreement has been expanded to include command, control, intelligence and surveillance systems, system integration and software development and pilot training with Patria provided training devices/simulators.


Patria’s role as a strategic partner for the Finnish Air Force

The purposes of the strategic partnership are manifold:

  • To safeguard the operational readiness of the Finnish Air Force’s materiel. Consequently, the services of Patria are available for the Finnish Air Force around the clock, every day of the year.
  • To ensure capability for operational readiness in homeland even in crisis or war when international partners’ support may not be available.
  • To secure the availability and operational capability of the different fleets for the duration of their entire service lives, which can often be even up to 30 years.
  • To enable accumulation of valuable expertise and know-how in home country, which is a vital issue to ensure security of supply.

Within the strategic partnership, the Finnish Air Force can focus on operational level maintenance of the aircraft.  Patria, as a strategic partner, is responsible for aircraft and their engine heavy maintenance, repairs, upgrades, structural modifications and system development, both airborne and ground. These activities are done in accordance with the objectives and requirements set by the Finnish Air Force. The fleets served include F/A-18 Hornet fighters, Hawk Mk51/66 jet trainers, NH90 helicopters, CASA C-295M transport aircrafts and Grob G115E trainers.

In addition, Patria also carries out elementary and basic pilot training for the Finnish Air Force, the Finnish Army and the Finnish Border Guard.

The strategic partnership is flexible and enables close cooperation in connection with both current equipment as well as in future programs.

With this knowledge gathered in years of operations, Patria supports the Finnish Defense Force’s aviation material procurement programs when requested. The support consists of technical, life cycle management and other expertise and is supplied on an OEM -neutral basis. A good example is the provision of expertise support for the procurement of a new fighter to replace the ageing F/A-18 Hornets from the 2020’s.

According to the Finnish Ministry of Defence and the Finnish Defence Forces, the strategic partnership between the Finnish Air Force and Patria has resulted in a solution that is more efficient than relying on the OEMs or System Suppliers alone. Close co-operation on site and aligned mission for security of supply in homeland enables activities to be done more efficiently.

Thanks to the workshare, the Finnish Air Force can concentrate on its own expertise – protecting Finland’s airspace.