Life Cycle Support produced by Patria is the key factor for keeping your fleet in great condition and up-to-date. Patria offers support for all vehicles and has maintenance experience of thousands of vehicles in numerous types and brands. 

Patria offers fully NATO-compatible life cycle support services for our clients. 

We are prepared to support our customers wherever they go, including international crisis management and peacekeeping operations. We operate in close co-operation with the customer and provide customer tailored maintenance planning and support. 

We offer field maintenance & mission support everywhere in the world, “From Factory to Foxhole”. 

Patria brings cost efficiency with increased availability of the vehicle fleet and offers life cycle support packages - the customer operates, we maintain.

Our life cycle support services aims to ensure the highest operational availability at all times everywhere. This includes flexible and reliable service throughout the entire life cycle of our products. 

Services and Maintenance

Our support system is based on long experience supported by modern practices and tailored content. Patria as a Vehicle OEM manufacturer is constantly developing as part of the system manufacturing industry.

Local Maintenance Support

We supply personnel to provide technical support, cover overall or partial responsibility of the maintenance activities, conduct specialised tasks or consult and support user personnel in system maintenance. See Technical support for more information.

Support Contracts

LCS, TLS, CLS, support contracts are always tailored to meet customer needs. If you own it, we can maintain it.
Patria offers flexible and on-time support for a variety of vehicle types and brands, internationally. Our key focus is in the building of a partnership enabling reliable and cost-effective support of customers' systems.

Mission Preparation

Patria offers spares calculations, support studies, support facility definitions, as well as mission logistics preparations for customer systems. Special mission support containers and logistic services, such as field capable support systems or training systems, can be offered as a service and tailored to customer needs.

Howitzer and Mortar NDT Services

Patria offers Certified NDT services and develops NDT systems. See Mortar Life Cycle Support and Howitzer Life Cycle Support for more information.

Life Cycle Services and Upgrades

Our Life Cycle Services and Upgrades are focused on keeping systems running and prolonging the service time. Patria offers as part of this MRO branch services based on almost a hundred years of legacy experience.

MLU and MLI Programs

Patria designs and conducts high quality MLU and MLI programs. Patria during its recent years conducted many lifetime extensions to both Patria manufactured systems as well as other brands. These programs have all been carefully planned with customers to meet project requirements as well as future capability requirements. Well-performed MLU and MLI Programs prolong system lifetime and lower the operating costs, where the systems basic performance levels are still up to the job.

System integration and Integration studies

As part of our services, Patria offers quality integration services, role-kit integration, studies, in-house prototype building as well as systems engineering services for integration. Patria has a history of successfully integrating weapon, communication, auxiliary, mobility as well as protection systems to a wide range of platforms.

Protection and Weapon System Upgrade Studies

Patria offers Services for upgrades as well as role changes of military vehicles. Please contact us for more information.

Documentation Updates

Patria offers full scale of modern documentation services for the updates and publishing of documentation. Technical documentation for Patria products is made as a part of the ILS-process. The documentation is produced in close co-operation with design and production department in order to guarantee that the documentation complements the product. Technical documentation, including safety cautions and warnings, is a result of maintenance planning and safety analyses.
Technical publications is produced in accordance with S1000D. Manuals are delivered in paper or electrical format based on customer needs. Other working methods are tailored as per customer requirement.

Digital Services

Patria actively develops new digital services in co-operation with our clients and industry. The aim of the digital services is to improve system performance, lower the cost of ownership and improve safety.

Fleet Management

Patria has developed Fleet Management service intended to add efficiency to systems monitoring, optimise usage as well as raise quality of training while reducing cost.
Fleet Management provides a view to the intensity of system usage, key health parameters, system usage profiles, service and health history as well as fleet maintenance engineering. Patria Fleet Management is developed as a universal system being compatible with most military systems from generators to main battle tanks.

Service Optimization

As an integrated part of Patria's Services, Patria offers Service Optimization, where the systems usage is analysed to allow service interval engineering. The Service Optimization is designed to reduce cost of ownership, reduce unnecessary calendar based servicing and free resources for alternative tasks.

Digital Documentation and Updates

Patria offers digital documentation services for content management as well as updates. Please contact us to learn more.

Digital Training

Patria offers training aids for trainers, where system data is used to define personal training needs based on actual usage of system. Services aim is to identify needs and to prolong system life cycle while reducing maintenance. See training section for more information.


Patria offers a full range of training services.

Operator and Maintenance Training

Patria offers high-quality training developed for customers. The training options includes both platform and weapon system training as well as troubleshooting or system specific courses.

Tailored Training Courses

Patria works in close co-operation with clients and is ready to tailor courses by subject, duration or special requirement. Material and courses may be prepared and delivered using local language and local material.

Training Development and Material Development

Patria conducts Training Needs analysis and develops training aids and courses also for special use. New course may also be developed for legacy systems or integrated systems.


Patria offers a full scale of spare part services.

Spare Parts Sales

Patria offers spare parts through normal client relationships as well as through NSPA as agreed with users.


Patria offers a full scale of PHS&T Services. Specially-engineered packagings, preservations, component tracking services as well as transportation services are available through our spare parts sales.

Technical Support

Support is the essential part of the technology and it mitigates the risk for not being able to manufacture, use or maintain Patrias product. Patria offers Technical Support with the intention to assists in the running up of operations or to provide long-term support for special systems.

Technical Field Support and Helpdesk

Patrias Technical Field Support for weapon systems, weapons as well as for vehicle platforms. It can contain support for correcting of problems which may occur in either technics or design. It includes know-how with information of needed work, tools, processes and needed materials. It can be performed on-site, phone or e-mail.
Patria offers a 24/7 helpdesk service for weapon systems, weapons as well as for vehicle platforms. 


Services and Maintenance as OEM: Request more information

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