Condition report of used heavy weapons

Patria offers condition reports of critical components of used heavy weapon systems, both smooth bore and riffled. Inspections are conducted using NDT methods. Analyzing the NDT results, Patria can state the condition of weapon components and guarantee the safe weapon service in future use.

"Patria designs and conducts high quality MLU and MLI programs of heavy weapons.

Ammunition qualification

Patria has conducted large caliber ammunition qualifications to existing weapon systems. The qualification procedures are followed according to national legislation and standards. Patria has the ability to conduct qualification through analyses, inspections and test measurements in test firings using in-house knowledge and equipment together with co-operation with Finnish Defence Forces concerning suitable shooting ranges.  

MLU and MLI Programs of heavy weapons

Patria designs and conducts high quality MLU and MLI programs of heavy weapons. Patria has during its recent years conducted many lifetime extensions. These programmes have all been carefully planned together with customers to meet project requirements as well as future capability requirements. Well-performed MLU and MLI Programmes prolongs system's lifetime and lowers the operating costs, where the systems basic performance levels are still up to the job.
Example areas of upgrade and improvement programs:

  • Firepower
  • Mobility
  • Protection
  • Obsolescence management (re-design)
    • hardware
    • software
  • Automatization
  • Integration

Mortar System and Gun Howitzer Life Cycle Support: Request more information

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