Tekxt: Kari Ruokolahti Photo: Patria

The Embraer 170 /190 rear pressure bulkhead production, which began in 2004, ended at Patricomp on October 15, 2020. Parts of the pressure bulkheads were for the most part made by Patricomp. The assembly also took place at Patricomp's Jämsän Hall. A total of 1486 pieces of pressure bulkheads were produced.

There were a lot of professionals working in pressure bulkhead production over the years. Some stayed on the project for a shorter time and some worked on the project from start to finish, such as inspector Pentti Kuisma for example.

Common to all factors was the pleasure of working in this committed group of people. After a financially sound and operationally well-managed project, the professionals are in a wistful mood.

All good will end in due course: Patricomp staff thanks and signs off!

Pictured in the top row from left to right assemblers Sami Helin, Ilkka Rajala, Ari Sarin and Kari Katajamäki. In the bottom row, assembler Jari (Oki) Pekkarinen on the left and inspector Kari Ruokolahti on the right.