It was early 2000s when, for marketing purposes, it was decided to bring customers to the Neste Rally. Special test routes were conveniently running close to the Halli office, so a “pit stop” site was arranged for customers on Saturday at Halli Airport. A tent was put up on an asphalt field and hard-working ladies from marketing settled in to offer customers a rest place. There was a rain shelter, seats for resting feet if needed, snacks and hot drinks.

A father working at Patria came into it with his two little sons to keep rain before customers arrived. Suddenly, quite a blast of wind took on, causing the ladies at the risk of their lives to literarily hang in the tent structures, to prevent it flying into the sky. After all, the tent was not attached to the asphalt and the weights were not on offer, except for the weight of the ladies. As the wind calmed down, the goods needed urgently to be put in their original places for the customers.

The children thought the sight was memorable. After the situation calmed down, the other one said, “First came the rain, and then came the wind, and then there was the hassle.” It stayed as a flying phrase for the ladies!

Ladies from the Marketing Dept.