Finland Division

Finland Division is responsible for the Finnish accounts with focus on the Finnish Defence Forces. Finland consists of four business areas: Air force, Army, Navy and Joint & Security.

Global Division

Global Division is responsible for accounts outside Finland. Global consists of market areas Nordics & Baltic countries, Europe, and World.


Portfolio will be responsible for products and services as well as their development and sales support, consisting of six product and service lines: Fleet Availability, Life cycle management, Training & User Support, C5ISTAR, Mission Capability, New Products and Services.


Operations will be responsible for production and supply chain consisting of four production lines: Airframe and Structures Operations, Engines, Components and Training Operations, Land operations and System & Integration operations.

Group functions

Group functions provide support services for the needs of Patria's operations. Group functions include financial administration, finance, human resources management, legal administration, business strategy, ICT, industrial partnerships, marketing and communications.