Group functions

Group functions include financial administration, finance, human resources management, legal administration, business strategy, ICT, industrial partnerships, marketing and communications.

The Group's main offices are in Helsinki and Tampere, but Group employees work at almost every location where we have an office.

Aerostructures - Demanding composite and metal structures for aircraft

The Aerostructures business unit designs and manufactures composite and metal structures for the needs of civil aviation and the defence industry.

You will be involved in an international operating environment where we do responsible and demanding specialist work related to designing and manufacturing of aircraft components and assemblies.

In the Aerostructures business unit, you will have the opportunity to develop and influence your role.

Aerostructures has sites in Halli (near Jämsä) and Tampere.

Future experts

Aerostructures need a wide range of technical expertise.

In the future, technical design and manufacturing competences related to composites and aircraft structures, project management, and the capability to work in an international operating environment will be at the core of our expertise.

You will work in a motivated and reliable engineering-oriented team with a good team spirit and an atmosphere of collaboration.

Aviation - Optimal performance and usability for the customer

The Aviation business unit offers life cycle support services for aircraft and helicopters, maintenance for gas turbines and diesel engines, and pilot training. It is our duty to guarantee optimal performance and usability for our customers in security-critical tasks.

In Aviation, you will be involved in interesting and important tasks including maintenance, repairs and modifications to aircraft, helicopters and engines. Our professionals work on demanding and interesting installation, maintenance, design, product development and training tasks. Depending on the duties, people with a wide range of educational backgrounds can work with us.

We value expertise in aeronautics, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and logistics. A large number of our mechanics have professional competences in the fields of aircraft and engine technology, as well as in avionics. Our flight instructors have gained qualifications in either military or civil aviation.

The Aviation business has locations in Halli (Jämsä), Linnavuori (Nokia), Utti, Tikkakoski, Pirkkala, Tampere and Córdoba (Spain).

Future experts

  • In the future, our activities will increasingly lean towards exploiting digital technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), as well as robotics. In the field of pilot training, we are developing a ground-breaking system that combines physical and virtual flight, with simulators playing an important role.
  • We are connected by a genuine enthusiasm and passion for our sector. We are committed to our work and proud of what we can do. We take responsibility and it is natural for us to work in close collaboration with our customers. We have a can-do attitude and we are not afraid to get going. Our personnel are easy to approach, open and positive.

International Support Partnerships ISP - Towards international growth

Patria's International Support Partnerships (ISP) business unit works close with governments outside Finland and is responsible for Patria's sustainment operations outside Finland.

ISP's customer base is international and through its operative units, ISP delivers fleet availability, readiness and MRO services to by others the defense forces of Norway, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Estonia and Portugal as well as the police forces of Sweden and Norway.

ISP has units in Stockholm and Linköping in Sweden, Bardufoss in Norway, Tallinn, Võru and Tapa in Estonia and Liege in Belgium. Through the associated company, Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services, ISP is also present in several other sites in Norway.

Future experts

People with drive and passion to develop new solutions in an international environment, as well as having the capability to exploit the opportunities presented by digitalization, are crucial for succeeding in the business ISP is in. Above all, ISP values a customer-oriented attitude, professionalism and an ability to perform in a team of professionals.

ISP can offer a challenging and international environment, highly professional colleagues and a possibility to influence and contribute to the build-up of European defense capability.

Building up its team of professionals, ISP is looking for:

Young professionals:

  • Account managers, engineers, business support professionals and computer science professionals


  • Sales managers and business development professionals
  • Helicopter, land vehicle and component maintenance professionals, maintenance planning experts and logistics specialists
  • Project managers

Land - International duties among vehicles and weapons systems

The Land business unit is a leading expert in armoured wheeled vehicles, mortar systems and related systems solutions and life cycle support services.

The Land business unit works on customer projects that contains duties from sales and marketing, planning and production development, procurement, manufacturing and delivery together with product life cycle services. In addition, we have specialists from various fields working in support functions, such as finance, ICT, quality, occupational safety and HR.

In our business unit job seekers can find suitable position with many kinds of educational backgrounds because of the versatility in roles we have. Suitable fields of education can be for example degree in engineering (electrical, vehicle, industrial), industrial economics or business.

Offices in our Land business sector are situated in Hämeenlinna and Tampere.

Future experts

In the future, key competences will relate to new technologies, internationalisation, manufacturing, digital technologies, project and risk management, sales and leadership.

You will become part of an open team of experts with a good sense of humour and the ability to work with a smile. We are willing to renew and develop ourselves because we want to drive our business forward together. We are proud of our work that we do in Land business unit and employees typically work with us for a long period.

Systems - Systems projects in collaboration with customers

The Systems business unit is a world-class provider of software expertise and system integration. Based on the latest technologies, we provide our customers with intelligence, monitoring and command systems, as well as related life cycle support services. Providing systems and products for gathering and presenting situational awareness data is at the core of our system expertise.

In Systems, you will be involved in a wide range of different tasks in software production, from requirement specifications to implementation and testing. Successful projects require coding wizards, as well as project experts, quality control professionals and configuration management experts. You will be able to shine as a top specialist in the fields of signal processing, data analytics and real-time operating systems for avionics, or advance through the supervisory path towards challenging managerial positions.

Future experts

In the future, we will expand internationally in software-intensive products, so the capability to work in innovative product development, product management and international industrial cooperation will be key to the realisation of the strategy.

The key areas of expertise are:

  • capabilities related to radio technology intelligence and monitoring systems
  • the latest trends in the sector, such as LVC, cyber, digitalisation, artificial intelligence and data analytics
  • Alongside technical competences, the essential characteristics of successful employees include teamwork and interaction skills, intercultural communication, ambition and a burning passion to learn new things and do things smarter.

Systems is for you if you want to work on demanding projects with enthusiastic top professionals. Our team takes a passionate approach to problem-solving and we do not shy away from hard work, but we remain bright-eyed. You will be warmly welcomed as you integrate into our team of brilliant minds.