Patria Trainee is a training programme for graduates and students who are in the final stretch of their studies. It opens the doors to a diverse operating environment. Through this programme, we coach the top experts of the future for a range of tasks at the Patria Group. A Trainee programme is tailored for each individual according to their own situation, wishes and experience.

We aim to provide everyone with the most suitable opportunity to get acquainted with Patria’s operations and job tasks. A trained mentor is provided for each trainee. The mentor supports the trainee during the programme.

The Patria Trainee programme is 12 months long and start dates are fluid.

The Patria Trainee programme looks for two kinds of trainees:

General expert:

The trainee works in different positions during the traineeship, either in the same or different business functions, and possibly at different locations as well. With experience, he/she may grow into an expert who can be employed in a variety of positions at Patria.


The trainee focuses on a single specialist task in a single business function during the entire traineeship.

The work locations are Hämeenlinna, Tampere, Espoo, Helsinki, Linnavuori and Halli. The job tasks may involve sales services, robotics, production design, financial management, procurements and product development, for instance.