Annukka, who holds a degree in information technology, entered the employ of Patria's Land business unit in Hämeenlinna in 2005.

“My first duties at Patria involved quality assurance – this work mainly consisted of management system maintenance, including internal audits and keeping guidelines up to date. Soon I also started to handle corporate security tasks, taking on responsibility for the development of the security management system, along with related guidance and agreements.”

During her career at Patria, Annukka has also been responsible for security on a variety of projects and served as an Environment Manager. Although she has worked in many roles, the development of procedures and information systems has always been a major part of her job.

Annukka's current role was initiated when the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force. In addition to data protection requirements, she is generally responsible for the development of Group-wide information management. “The most important aim is to develop consistent, clear and compliant approaches for Patria’s data processing. This applies not only to guidelines, but also to various processes and information systems.”

In her free time, Nieminen enjoys a variety of sports and exercise. Hobbies give balance to Annukka's work days, which she typically spends on preparation and development duties behind her monitor. Annukka says that the most important skills for a data protection specialist to have are social adeptness in the workplace and the desire to learn new things. 

“At work, I'm inspired by interesting sets of tasks and the changing environment – the requirements of the defence equipment industry pose additional challenges in this regard. We solve these challenges with our colleagues, aiming to achieve the best possible results.”

I've been at Patria for a long time – a major reason for this is that I’ve been able to work on varied tasks. In addition, Patria has a good atmosphere and it's enjoyable to work here. This industry gives its own character to all our job tasks.”