Water consumption 2019

Patria’s total water consumption (household water and lake water) rose by 2.2% on 2018. This is due to the inclusion of Millog’s water consumption (22,000 m3) in the report. Excluding Millog’s consumption, Patria’s water consumption fell by about 11%. The consumption of lake water in Linnavuori decreased by 18%. Consumption always varies, depending on the number and types of engines being overhauled in different years. At the Linnavuori site, lake water is used to cool engines during test runs and to dry ovens and vacuum furnaces. The used cooling water is fed back into Lake Jokinen. Lake water accounted for 68% of total water consumption. Excluding Millog’s impact, the total consumption of household water increased by 24% on 2018. Production volumes also affect water consumption.


More information: Patria's CSR report (part of the Annual Report)