he Group’s operations primarily generate common municipal waste, scrap metal, hazardous waste, and construction and industrial waste. The total volume of waste generated by Patria in 2018 was approximately 742 tonnes, which is about 8% less than in 2017.

Patria’s 2018 recycling ratio was 40% of its total waste volume, compared to 36% in the previous year.

Most (81%) of this waste consisted of common waste, that is, municipal and construction waste and scrap metal (578 tonnes). The rest (19%) of the waste was hazardous (163 tonnes). Common waste includes energy waste, unsorted waste, paper, cardboard, sludge, waste wood, organic waste, common electrical and electronics scrap, construction waste, glass, plastic, brick and concrete waste, steel and aluminium scrap and packaging metal. Hazardous waste principally consists of oily waste, wash water, precipitate
and other waste classified as hazardous.

Total waste recycling chart Patria and Millog

More information: Patria's CSR report (part of the Annual Report)