Energy consumption 2019

Patria’s indirect energy consumption consists of electricity and thermal energy consumption, with direct primary energy consumption deriving from fuel consumption by aircraft, vehicles, gas turbines and diesel engines. As a whole, Patria’s various operations consumed a total of about 389 terajoules of energy in 2019. Total energy consumption fell slightly on the previous year, mainly due to the reduction in fuel energy consumption.

Thermal energy consumption

The weather-normalised thermal energy consumption of properties managed by Patria and Millog decreased by about one per cent on 2018. The thermal energy consumption of Patria’s own operations rose on the previous year, as the 2019 figures for Patricomp cover the entire year, while the 2018 figures for Patricomp cover only three months. Specific heat consumption, which defines energy consumption in proportion to the number of heated building cubic metres, decreased by 6%.

Electricity consumption

In 2019, Patria’s electricity consumption rose by about one per cent on 2018. Specific electric energy consumption, which defines energy consumption in proportion to the number of electrified building cubic metres, rose by 6.9%. This is largely due to a change of data collection system and the inclusion of Patricomp in the report.

Fuel consumption

Millog’s fuel consumption has not previously been reported on, but is now included in the 2019 report. Millog’s 2018 fuel consumption has also been included retrospectively for comparative purposes. In 2019, Patria and Millog’s total fuel consumption decreased by 4.8% on the previous year. The consumption of light fuel oils fell by 39% and that of motor gasoline by 37%, while the consumption of diesel increased by 24%. Jet fuel consumption rose by 3.5%. Fuel energy consumption fell by about 1.7 terajoules on 2018. The Finnish Defence Forces are responsible for monitoring the consumption of aviation gasoline and jet fuel used by their aircraft in military flight training and maintenance test flights. However, fuel consumption for Millog’s maintenance runs is included in Patria’s report.

More information in Patria's CSR report (part of Annual Report)