Patria’s indirect energy consumption consists of electricity and thermal energy consumption, with direct primary energy consumption deriving from fuel consumption by aircraft, vehicles, gas turbines and diesel engines.

Energy breakdown 2018 Patria


The weather-normalised thermal energy consumption of properties managed by Patria decreased by 1.2%. Specific heat consumption, which defines energy consumption in proportion to the number of heated building cubic metres, decreased by 7.3%. This figure does not include Patricomp.


In 2018, Patria’s electricity consumption remained the same as in 2017. Specific electric energy consumption, which defines energy consumption in proportion to the number of electrified building cubic metres, decreased by 2.9%. These figures do not include Patricomp. Patria has taken measures to decrease the consumption of electricity in cooperation with its property management company (Caverion Suomi Oy) by, for example, replacing lighting systems.


In 2018, Patria’s total fuel consumption increased by 1.3% on the previous year. The consumption of light fuel oils rose by 20%, while the consumption of diesel decreased by almost 50% and that of motor gasoline by almost 20%. There were no significant
changes in the consumption levels of other fuels. Fuel consumption rose by about 0.6 terajoules.
The Finnish Defence Forces monitor the consumption of fuels used by its aircraft in military flight training and maintenance test flights.

More information in Patria's CSR report (part of Annual Report)