TADS - Tactical Debriefing System

TADS is a weapon system and platform independent mission and military exercise debriefing system. TADS provides superior analysing tools for tactical mission and exercise debriefing. By using TADS, the military forces are able to receive the best possible outcome from military exercise debriefings and analysed feedback from operations. TADS scales from single trainee aircraft debriefings to distributed large-scale debriefing sessions and live monitoring of Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) exercises. The system development has been driven by detailed demands of end users since 2010.

TADS provides superior analysing tools for tactical mission and exercise debriefing.

TADS consists of four main software components that are linked together:

  • 3D view
  • Tactical GUI
  • Multi Video view 
  • Server

TADS takes into account the capabilities to perform joint and multi-national exercise debriefings plus distributed debriefings can be performed.

TADS user interface and template based design is done with the end user in mind so that an operator or instructor can learn and operate the system individually without the need of designated supervision.

The Mission Loop includes: Mission Planning, Mission Execution and Mission Debriefing. TADS provide the best tools for Mission Debriefing, which consist of the following steps:

  • Data is imported from various memory units (platform specific POS, WPN, Sensor Tracks, video etc.) 
  • Debriefing data is analyzed, and weapon simulations are performed automatically
  • Actual debriefing session takes place

Platform data import is all that needs to be done to start the debriefing session. Specific settings apply for different scenarios since all settings are template-based. The whole process can be completed within a few minutes, including data import and weapon analyses.


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