The small and light LILLY extends the range of reconnaissance and target acquisition systems developed by Senop. Thanks to composite materials, the device is compact and easy to carry.Only 1.5kg in weight, LILLY is a multipurpose observation system which determines the target’s coordinates day or night all year round.

On account of its production costs and target acquisition and multisensory qualities, the device is a powerful alternative to traditional night vision devices and thermal imagers. Suitable for 24/7 use, LILLY uses both the IR wavelength range with a thermal imager and the visible wavelength range with a direct view day channel.

Considerable attention has been paid to the device’s power management solutions. It is able to make use both of internal batteries and an external energy unit, which enables it to use all available energy sources, such as vehicles’ electrical systems, portable chargers, and fuel and solar cells. In this way, a 24/7 operating time can be ensured.

Connectivity facilitates data sharing

Due to its versatile connections, LILLY can be integrated with various C4I systems. Another novel feature is the device’s ability to process the data it receives. It can act as an independent device that both transmits and receives data, whereby it can be used just like any terminal device for other devices in a sensor network.

“Thanks to LILLY’s full colour display, viewing different applications on the device is easier than ever. Image fusion enables the display of interesting targets visible to the thermal imager on top of the image shown on the direct view day channel, which makes observation and surveillance more effective,” says Otto Valkonen, Senop’s product manager.

Assisted by Polar Bear camera

LILLY’s thermal imager is based on a Polar Bear thermal core developed by Senop. The thermal core also houses the computation capacity required by the device, as well as connectivity to the device’s other sensors. On account of this, the device is significantly smaller than before.

Alongside LISA, LILLY extends the range of surveillance and target acquisition systems developed by Senop. LISA is designed for precise target acquisition at relatively long ranges by fire control teams. LILLY, for its part, is a very high erformance observation system, capable of the flexible and efficient sharing of situational awareness data and performing of target acquisition.