With a long career under his belt, Paavilainen is the leading expert in Adour engines in Finland. The Finnish Defence Forces accorded Paavilainen a military award in June 2016, which is granted to civilians performing particularly valuable work for the Finnish Defence Forces.

Hannu Paavilainen

“I also participate in decision-making regarding the engines of the Hornet aircraft. Over the past few decades, we have developed our overhaul competence: we can repair engines even if the manufacturer no longer repairs them. With regard to this, we have been engaged in successful collaboration with the Finnish Defence Forces, thereby saving society a great deal of money”, Paavilainen says.

Patria and the Finnish Air Force work in close collaboration. Paavilainen is part of a team that includes a representative from the Finnish Defence Forces. The customer has only positive things to say about him.

“Paavilainen is a humane person and a competent engineer, which is a rare combination. He is an optimist, and he never gives up. He can also work in fluent English. Paavilainen is capable of presenting his expertise in a clear manner, which also makes him an excellent teacher. He is a skilful penman, capable of conveying his thoughts in a concise manner. We are engaged in confidential, close, and deep collaboration on a daily basis. We view the same issue from different perspectives, and we are engaged in functional teamwork”, says Miika Inkinen, Captain (Engineering) and Inspector.

Patria overhauls the aircraft of the Finnish Air Force, participating in the development of fighter aircraft. In collaboration with the FAF, Patria is developing the overhaul cycle for engines under the new system. Patria will develop a computer-based data collection programme for the Hawk Mk 66 aircraft, enabling the monitoring of engine parts in real time. The system will contribute to the usability of expensive engine parts. In addition to its physical implementation, the application requires an algorithm, the procurement of which entails essential and fruitful collaboration between the Finnish Defence Forces, Patria, and the engine manufacturer.

Our collaboration with the Finnish Defence Forces is frictionless, and the development of the Hawk trainer is highly interesting. I enjoy problem solving. It is gratifying to see that our repairs add to the service life of the engines. Aircraft need not be at a standstill due to a lack of engines, and the repaired parts withstand wear and tear in service”, Paavilainen says.

On 4 June 2016, Paavilainen was granted a military award by the Finnish Defence Forces. The team was glad to hear the news.

“While this award is accorded to a civilian only on rare occasions, Paavilainen deserves it. He has been engaged in extensive collaboration with the Finnish Defence Forces, and the repair of mechanical parts developed under his leadership has brought savings worth more than one hundred million euros in operational costs. We are continuously thinking about new ways to overhaul aircraft in a safe manner that is also cost effective. The entire team is involved in problem solving, which is something that motivates us all. It is important that competence in repair operations is retained in Finland. It is of value in its own right, and a prerequisite for self-sufficiency and the security of supply in a crisis”, Inkinen comments.