After attending the Northern Group meeting in Helsinki on the 7th of November, Mark Lancaster MP, Minister of State for UK Armed Forces, spent time with Patria Land Systems and was shown the Patria AMVXP. This is being considered as an option for the British Army's new Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) requirement.
As well as seeing the vehicle in the metal, the Minister was briefed about its many benefits, including Patria’s technology transfer process. This would enable the AMV, if chosen, to be almost entirely manufactured in the UK. Representatives from the UK MoD were later shown the Patria facility in Hämeenlinna and were able to test drive the vehicle.

Mr Lancaster, who is also an Army Reserve Colonel, told Patria how he had direct prior experience of Patria Sisu 6x6 XA-series vehicles when deployed to Bosnia in the late 1990s. Patria very much hopes he was able to see how the AMVXP builds upon our longstanding experience developing wheeled armoured vehicles.

With some 1,600 Patria AMV vehicles delivered or with orders pending, it has become the European market leader. With high levels of survivability and cross-country agility, plus the ability to mount a wide variety of weapon systems, it is a proven protected mobility solution that saves lives.