Patria LDG Light is a modern landing light solution, optimal for the NH90 helicopters’ requirements. Designed to provide improved performance and maintainability to the original equipment manufacturer, the landing light is a single configuration solution with improved white light power, IR power, turn rate and power consumption. It exceeds current NH90 operating and performance characteristics providing LED life of 10,000 hours.

Patria LDG Light can support modern day annunciator requirements such as LAND, IR on and Stow. The landing light also provides contactless Hall-type position sensors to eliminate exposed microswitches, and brushless motors increase reliability.

The current NH90 landing lights face difficulties with long turnaround times of 12-24 months and with high repair visit and replacement costs. Patria’s LDG Light solves these resource problems with easy replacement of the landing light and less needed maintenance during its lifetime. Patria’s knowledge and competence has already been put to practice by providing Finland national maintenance to a total of 57 landing lights. Patria has been able to deliver a turnaround time of 70 days per light compared to over 300 days per light by the OEM.  The minimum cost of Patria’s maintenance has also been 16% of the OEM’s maintenance cost.

In addition to the improvement of reduced resources, Patria LDG Light provides significantly improved white light power of 800 kCd compared to the OEM’s offering of 300 kCd. The LDG Light also offers improved IR power of 80 NRI compared to 20 NRI offered by the OEM. This improvement enables better operational capabilities of the NH90 during night, which emphasizes the comprehensive positive effect of the new LDG Light.

Patria LDG Light is a one-configuration solution as opposed to the two-configuration offered by the OEM, replacing all three landing lights and one search light. Due to the simple configuration, the installation, maintenance and replacement is merely a normal line maintenance task with a plug and play installation kit. The installation also requires no H/C system modification.